Sunday, June 09, 2013

Parshat Korach, 5773/2013 thoughts, round 2

Here's the original (or round 1, if you will).

I give up:

  • Korach and his followers could not have been swallowed up by the earthquake near their tents because they weren't there--they were at the Ohel Moed/Tent of Meeting with their fire-pans, as instructed.
  • Datan and Aviram (and their followers?) were the ones swallowed up in the earthquake, yet they're not mentioned.
Sorry, folks, I'm calling scribal error on this mess because nothing else makes any sense to me.  The Redactor(s) (Ezra haSofer/the Scribe[?], Anshei Knesset Ha-G'dolah/The Men of the Great Assembly[?]) is/are guilty of poor proofreading.  If you're going to try to preserve and combine two received traditional stories, you have to be much more careful regarding how you weave them together.


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